Radio Stations Only

Abysmal Radio is offered exclusively by market for stations who want to garner that loyal audience that grew up with the new but sometimes unknown music of the “indies”, those rock bands that may have started with nothing but the desire to make music, and have become more and more popular across the nation, some to enormous fame.

As the founder of Abysmal Radio, Mark Boyd, says, “the word “Abysmal” is a good thing. For instance, “10 Most Truly Abysmal Songs” refers to good songs that just never quite got the attention they deserved.

Up until now, these groups have been hard to track, hard to find, and exceptionally hard to interview and get to know.

Now, with the help of Abysmal Radio, your station will be the home of undiscovered potential super stars of rock, and all for only a few dollars per month!

Here is how Abysmal Radio can work for you:

  • Abysmal Radio is available now in one, two or three hour shows, all in downloadable form from our website, or on *CD if requested.
  • Each one hour show is self-contained and exclusive to radio only and has the option of three three-minute break-away segments to insert commercial matter.
  • Shows can be formatted for your automation equipment as needed.
  • Abysmal Radio can be aired anytime at station’s discretion, but must be run at least once per week.
  • Each one hour segment is being offered at a special new client discounted rate of only *$25, with a minimum of four segments per month, on an annual basis.*CD cost and shipping of $5 per show additional.

That’s it! It just doesn’t get easier to make money for your station and increase listeners too! Join up now, by calling 225-395-9755.




Enjoy, Abysmally.

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