4 Mag Nitrous – Southern Wisdom and Know-How

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Having known bassist and lead vocalist Kib from his days with a little ol’ band called Bone China in south Louisiana in the mid-90’s, I was really looking forward to listening to this disc after connecting with him and the rest of the BC crew in Louisiana a few weeks back.

Now let’s face it…if you have a friend who’s in a band, you know that feeling.  You want to be supportive of them so you really WANT to like the music…even if the music isn’t quite up to snuff.  All because you WANT to be able to tell them “Wow…you’ve got some really good music!”

Which makes it that much more satisfying when your friend’s band turns out to be legitimately able to level the place.

If you’re not into heavy music, make no mistake.   You won’t like this CD.  However, if you like grooves that are gumbo at a rolling boil and guitar that is pure cayenne pepper (red hot and nimble fingered while always putting riff and song first), you’ve got to check out this CD.

Imagine if Pantera, instead of going for the most extreme and abrasive sound, had instead spent more time eating Kentucky Fried Chicken and going to crawfish boils…all while listening to Motorhead, and you’ve got an idea of what you’re in for with 4 Mag.

It’s honestly difficult for me to pick one favorite here, as the tracks are all loaded with pure electricity…and damn if “Cut Throat” isn’t the Riff of the Year in my book, earning a permanent spot on my WakeUp playlist on Media Player.  “In the Straight,” “The Swamps Lie Dead,” “Texas and Back,” “Speed Demon”…heck, I might as well just name them all.

Southern Wisdom and Know-How is just a big shot of adrenaline and the kind of disc that keeps me excited about new music in my advancing age.  Kib, Jimi Hudson and Gabe Richmond all turn in stellar performances here, but I’ve just gotta give extra props to Hudson for showing himself to be the kind of guitarist whose playing can take an already great song and somehow still make it better.

And it’s a great soundtrack for mudriding!

Rating:  5 out of 5

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