Weekly Abysmal Video – 10-19-11

I remember when I first heard Oasis’ Definitely Maybe
CD upon its release back in 1993 and being mesmerized…particularly with the track “Supersonic” and that amazing hypnotic riff that has been embedded in my psyche ever since. What I didn’t realize at the time was that there was a real burgeoning British scene complete with two bands at the head of the pack (Oasis and Blur) who argued – even publicly – about who was number 1.

Myriad other bands sprouted up who were the shizzle (yes, I said that) in Britain but practically unheard of here in the states. Recently, thanks to the incredible BBC series “The Seven Ages of Rock,” I’m discovering some great bands I missed the first time around. One of those bands, and one who gets the big seal of approval from Oasis’ Noel Gallagher, is The Libertines…a band truly out of control, brimming with undeniable melody and an equal dose of punk attitude and work ethic.

Unfortunately, booze and alcohol hindered their professional progress and is probably a big reason they have but a couple CD’s in their…ahem…archives. It’s a shame on one hand, but it’s also cool that the releases they have are both worthy of placement in your personal library.

This is the song that ultimately got me hooked. And I just dare you to say that you don’t find yourself singing along with one of the most simple and hooky choruses ever. I just dare ya…

Enjoy Abysmally…