The Fratellis – Chelsea Dagger

How the hell did I miss this band and especially this album (Costello Music) 6 years ago?

The whole disc is so rockin’, energetic and insanely catchy I just don’t know what more to say.  I was going to post the video for their song Flathead, but Chelsea Dagger won by just a hair.  Both videos are quite cool, featuring retro pinup-style girls, which fit the songs just perfectly.

Fortunately, they have ended their indefinite hiatus as of June of this year and could be recording new material together.  We can only hope.  In the meantime, grab a copy of Costello Music, their phenomenal debut album that will be happily stuck in your head forever.

Oh yeah…Enjoy Abysmally…

Click here to download/buy Costello Music album by The Fratellis.

Click here to download/buy Chelsea Dagger single by The Fratellis.