Weekly Abysmal Video – 9/8/11

Recently, while watching the English BBC version of the incredible 7-part series “7 Ages of Rock,” (you REALLY must see it) there was some video footage of a British 90’s band singing a quite catchy and breezy pop song.  One of those that I can’t get out of my head.

And that’s ok, ‘cos I like it:)

I recognized them, particularly the lead singer’s voice, but couldn’t name the band.  Turns out it was Echobelly doing a song called “Great Things“, a fine British alternative band that never made the inroads to American charts like Oasis (or, to a lesser extent, Blur) but made some cool music while charting comfortably in their homeland.

Here’s the song and the video for the first WAV (Weekly Abysmal Video) in a lonnnnnnnng time.  Click on the album cover below to watch, as embedding was disabled on the video.  Bummer.  Enjoy Abysmally…

Echobelly On CD album art 1995