The Cult – Electric

   1987 Sire Records

An album that I hold dear to my heart (and indeed I know it by heart through hundreds of repeated listens), ‘Electric’ shares time with Tricky Woo’s ‘Sometimes I Cry’ as my consistent favorites of all time.

Producer Rick Rubin’s massive repertoire consists of, in most cases, the very best work by each individual band and this is no exception.  ‘Electric’ possesses what I think is the greatest no-frills mix in the history of rock, spilling forth like the best cheap wine from your speakers.  No kidding, it’s both accomplished and delightfully reckless at the same time, saturated liberally with what I think is the sexiest rock guitar sound ever achieved on record.

Opener “Wild Flower” is one of my top 5 favorite songs of all time, and a song I used to play on my morning show on KLSU (Louisiana State University’s college radio station) to piss off all the alternative music know-it-alls who hated ‘Electric’ because it wasn’t ‘Love – Part II.’  I never understood that sorry lot’s “either/or” attitude.  I liked both albums!

“Peace Dog” was a staple of the local rock bands in Baton Rouge in the early-mid 90’s and is just a powerhouse, while “Little Devil,” “Bad Fun,” “Love Removal Machine” and “Outlaw” are my other personal favorites.   The only drawback on this album is the most powerless and anemic cover of Steppenwolf’s classic “Born To Be Wild” that I’ve ever heard.  How it made the final cut I’ll never know.

This is pure guitar, bass, drums and vocals in all its rock and roll glory.   Riffs and the classic rock vibe of the 70’s are all shamelessly rehashed in the ultimate tribute to the grandeur of rock, with spirited performances and the best pure rock mixing job ever winning the day.

Rating:   5 out of 5