Cavalera Conspiracy – Inflikted

2008 Roadrunner Records

Blown away.

I don’t know any other way to describe my reaction upon first hearing this disc.  After numerous listens, I only like it better.   This is exactly how I like this music to sound…cacophonous distorted noise honed down to an impossibly tight and rhythmic science.

Power grooves rule the day (which is just fine by me) starting with leadoff disgustipation and title cut Inflikted.    Hearing the Cavalera brothers reunited again just magnifies what an incredible driving force the two were behind Sepultura.  Honestly, I could see where this would have been a perfect follow-up to 1996’s groundbreaking Roots disc, bringing everything back to the basics and somehow making it better.

Which is just how I would describe this disc overall…back to the basics with even better songs and tighter grooves.  Sometimes it’s okay to just be the best at what you do and revel in your “thang.”   Cavalera Conspiracy, while whipping up some speed in places, slams down their “thang” (i.e. POWER groove) like no one else and I find myself entranced by the whole smear.

The aforementioned title track, Sanctuary, Bloodbrawl, Hex, Heart of Darkness, MustKill…honestly there’s not a weak track anywhere to be found.   There are some nice curveballs in there, as well, such as the gorgeous acoustic outro to Bloodbrawl.

The Cavalera Brothers have creativity, but beyond creativity you have to have heart for this kind of music to have any remote chance of working.   Environmental issues, unjust repression of people, the plight of Brazilian aboriginees…Max Cavalera always has substance behind his roar.

I put this one on repeat shuffle play for hours and it just doesn’t wear on me at all.   Arrangements are tidy, lead guitar work is stellar and the drums are just ridiculously tight.   Don’t look for anything groundbreaking here.   Max, Igor and Co. are stomping on the ground they broke 15 years ago, and everything I love about this kind of music is on this disc.

Which is just fine by me.   Gotta thank Dave at CD Warehouse in Lancaster, PA for introducing me to this gem.

Rating:  4.5 out of 5