Weekly Abysmal Video – 8/2/10

Way back in 1992 or 1993 (in my radio days at 100.7FM The Tiger in Baton Rouge, LA) I got passes to an Ugly Kid Joe concert at the Varsity Theatre. Ugly Kid Joe’s flame was being blown out by the tornado of grunge, but they still put on a good show. The opening band, however, totally stole the show in my opinion.

It was an unassuming 3-piece from Queens, NY who just blew the roof off the place and had ridiculous chemistry. No one there really knew who they were, but they won over the whole crowd and I was so blown away I went right out an bought their CD when the show was over.

They would release a second CD in 1994 and then disappear without a trace. It’s a shame, because they were excellent and it took a lot of guts to release a flat-out ROCK record when grunge was king.  Maximum respect?  Totally, here in the Sonic Abyss.  And the bass player rules. Enjoy Abysmally…