Weekly Bonus Abysmal Video – 9/8/11

Oh, what the hell.  It’s been a while, so here’s a second bonus WAV.  Since the name of the album Echobelly‘s “Great Things” came from is called “On,” it reminded me of an obscure band from around the year 2000 called…


Lead guy Ken Andrews formed On after the demise of his previous band, the critically acclaimed Failure.  They weren’t around for very long, which is a shame because they made some cool music.  This is the song I remember hearing on college radio in Baton Rouge, LA (KLSU) back in the day that still gets me movin’ today.

This band is hard to find info on, probably due to their simplest-of-all-simple names, so click here to find out more about On and what band leader Ken Andrews is up to nowadays.