Weekly Abysmal Video – 1/25/11

The best part about having this humble blog celebrating the underexposed and underappreciated music that is out there waiting for us is that I get contacted by bands that I’ve missed along the way and wind up finding new jam to share with you all.

This happened this morning, as I received a link from a French band that has been labelled “Avante Garde Metal.”   That pretty much sums up their sound as it’s not like anything you’ve likely heard before.  Elements that shouldn’t be together are stirred into the pot to create an insane thrill-ride of sound that has me confoundedly shaking my head in a way that I haven’t since hearing Hot Head Show’s brilliant 2010 debut The Lemon EP.

The band here is called Akphaezya and is built around a theatrical concept that you can read about on their website.  As for sound…imagine Gwen Stefani (note: Dr. Chadrock’s assessment, and he’s right on) convincing her buds in No Doubt to listen to nothing but Dillinger Escape Plan for 6 months and then go in and record an album and you’ll get the idea.

Seriously…you’ve never heard this before.

But the best thing to do is simply open your mind…and enjoy Abysmally…

Akphaezya French Avante Garde Metal