Trackside Productions

Trackside Zachary, LA

It’s amazing how when I was in high school in the 80’s, it was virtually impossible to do a decent home demo tape unless you had the bucks to buy a TASCAM or other 4-track tape recorder.  Even then, unless you mastered the art of bouncing tracks and mixing properly, you wound up with usually a muddy mess of sound that didn’t properly represent the song you were hearing in your head.

My how times have changed.   My son has been promoting young artists in his school and community, from acoustic to hip-hop, under the name Trackside Productions and it’s amazing what people as young as high school age can do in home studios these days.  Check out the Trackside Productions website and sample music from their artists including Aaron Day, Crisis, Tweezy, Pluto and more.

Visit Trackside Productions website.